7 easy ideas to spend time with your child

61140871 - young mother and her happy child watching tv with popcorn
  1. Go for a long stroll in the pace of the child. Don’t rush, let her choose the path and talk.
  2. Curl into bed together and watch photos and videos of him when he was tiny. Tell him what transpired before and after clicking the pictures – did he cry, laugh, pose well? Relive your memories with him.
  3. Build a house of furniture and blankets. Make sure there is a lamp inside and arrange a magical evening of fairy tales! Also keep some food – milk and cookies are perfect!
  4. Go to the grocery store together. Let her pick the ingredients for a cake and bake it together.
  5. Take a day off from everything: work, household chores, phone, internet, television and-spend the day with him.
  6. Watch a movie with your child in pyjamas instead of going straight to bed.
  7. Play a board game or card game together while munching on some popcorn.