5 tips to fireproof your home

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Just a small flame or spark can start a big fire. And many times accidents can happen. So it is necessary to be prepared and follow some safety routines around the house to keep your family safe.

Keep a fire extinguisher handy
Fire extinguishers are easily available these days. See, that you have one handy and you know how to use it. Sometimes the fire extinguisher has been lying around for so long, that it has expired when you really need to use it. So make sure you check the dates and replace it whenever necessary.

Check wiring every three years
Most house fires are caused by faulty wiring or wiring that has not been replaced over many years. Its important to check the wiring of the house every three years and to rewire the house every 5-6 years, depending on what kind of wiring was used.

Ensure that candles are lit in a safe place
We all light candles or lamps during the holiday season to bring in some warmth and cheer. But make sure that there is no open flame near curtains, electrical appliances or any combustible substance. If you must, then make sure there is a fire extinguisher handy, nearby.

Switch off all appliances when on Holiday
When you are away from home for an extended period of time, make sure you switch off all electronic appliances. This will prevent any damage or fire due to voltage fluctuations or faulty wiring.

Keep the fire emergency number handy
Keep emergency numbers easily accessible. It helps you to know whom to call quickly in case anything were to happen.

Emergency numbers in Prague

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