5 Last minute non-toy gift ideas

Do you remember a really special Christmas present you received as a child? Well, mine was a little pink doll called Jane and Jenny. It was given to me by my uncle when I was about 3 years old. And that was the only doll I ever had. Well, the good thing is that I still have not just the doll, but also the warm memories associated with it. Today, my little boy has way too many toys, and I thought that another toy for Christmas, will only add to his clutter collection and not to his childhood memories.

So I created a bunch of non-toy ‘happy gift’ ideas for a fun filled Christmas for him. Hopefully he will remember some experiences when he is older. Here’s a few for you to try!


Voucher for 2 happy meals
Every child loves a Happy Meal. And they can go either with a friend or with you and chat and eat. Am sure she will never forget Santa’s happy meal!



Also known as mouth organ or French harp, this simple musical instrument is not only easy to find but also inexpensive. You can also sign him up for a few beginner’s classes. But classes or not, playing the mouth organ is the best way to exercise the respiratory system!



Piggy Bank
This is a perfect gift for little ones. Everyone loves popping in coins into a piggy bank. And it also inculcates the habit of saving in children.


Zoo coupon for feeding animals
It will be great for her to spend an afternoon with you at the zoo, feeding her favorite animal. Not only is it a great experience, but also teaches her more about animals and their habitat.


Gift him a ride
There are many options these days – Hot air balloon ride for the adventurous, the horse drawn carriage/ pony ride for little ones, helicopter trip, bumping cars, sledding. There are way too many options to list here, but find the one that’s convenient and have a great afternoon spending time together.


Do you have a more creative present idea to share? Please post it in the comments below or write to me kavita@littlepanda.cz