5 Girly Birthday Party Ideas!

Looking for birthday party ideas for your little princess? Here are 5 simple themes to choose from!

Pajama Party

Pyjama Party can be a fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday in a relaxed way. All the guests can wear their favourite pyjamas and come over to watch cartoons with popcorn, pillow fights and share a cake.

For older girls, an easy idea is to add some spa treatments into the schedule, face mask, manicure and pedicure. Girls love that! This birthday party can even be a sleepover, followed by a yummy breakfast of pancakes! Here is an easy and delicious pancakes recipe to get inspired.

These unicorn sleeping masks could be a nice party favour. Also, check out some pyjama party decor ideas!

Runway Show

This party is suitable for little fashionistas. If your daughter likes to dress up, asks to use some of mum’s make up – then you should definitely consider throwing her a runway show birthday party!

You can easily create a space for modelling at home. Guests can bring some outfits and make-up and enjoy a make-over session!

Take pictures during the fashion show. Print them after the party, and it will be a nice memory gift for your guests and you.

Here are some runway party decor ideas for you!

Baking Party

Baking together with friends is a great way to spend quality time! For a baking party, guests can all get involved in preparing something fun.

Bake cupcakes and let kids decorate them themselves with colourful frosting and sparkles. Kids can even roll out funny shaped cookies for an adult to bake. It can also be a pull-apart birthday cake itself! You can customize it, and make it exactly the way you want it to be. Yum!

Here is the link for a pull-apart cake idea! Make the cupcakes healthy. Check out these 10 healthy cupcake recipes.

As the party favour, you can get a chef’s hat! It will make baking even more fun!

Barbie-Themed Party

Girls love Barbies. It’s a well-known fact. You can decorate your place with Barbie-themed ornaments and make it all pink and sparkly. Guests will bring their Barbie dolls to play with and have a good time!

Here are some barbie party decor ideas to get you started. You can get some barbie merchandise to style the space here.

This bubble blower could be a party favour option.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland themed party will give you plenty of room for imagination. This is a perfect party that you can throw in a garden or a backyard in spring! The birthday girl can dress as Alice and guests can dress as the characters from the story. Some nice table setting for tea time with cupcakes. A classy way to celebrate a birthday.

Here are some ideas for the table setting styling.

You can look for the costume here.

Important Note: The above mentioned party themes are not strictly connected to a certain gender. If you want to throw such a party to a boy, go for it!