Easter Games to Play with Your Family

The Easter weekend is the time to spend with your family and friends. It signifies new beginnings, a fresh start and a bright year ahead. Here are some fun Easter games to play with your family and friends!

Easter Egg Hunt
Good old Easter Egg Hunt is always a great fun. Hide plastic eggs around the house and look for it all together. Who finds the most – wins! You can fill them up with smalls treats and sweets.

Egg Commands
Write down Easter related commands on a little piece of paper. For example, jump like a rabbit three times, name three Easter candies, strut like a baby chicken, rub your nose on the floor pretending to pick chicken feed, draw five daffodils, draw seven pink tulips, run around the yard five times. Fill up plastic eggs with the tasks and put them into two buckets. Each team will complete the tasks in their bucket. The fastest team is the winner!

Collect Jelly Beans
Fill up a bowl with Jelly Beans. Each player has a little cup and a spoon. Players have to fill up their own cup with Jelly Beans using a spoon in their mouth.  Who will manage the task first?

Easter Bingo
Create an Easter bingo card with various Easter images (bunnies, coloured eggs, chicks, daffodils, daisies ). Cut out pictures of the images in the bingo card and hide it all over the house or garden. Kids should collect all of the images in their bingo card. They can use Jelly Beans as bingo markers. Let’s see who will score BINGO!

Blind Taste Test
Collect various Easter treats: chocolates, gummies, cookies, candy and more. Now have a blind test. Try to guess which candy is in front of you with your eyes closed! Better still, blindfold yourself and ask someone to pop one into your mouth to help you decide!

Have a Happy Easter. Stay Healthy! Stay safe!