5 Easter Games to Play at Home

This year we have to spend Easter holidays at home but that does not mean we cannot play some fun Easter games with our family! We have a list of 5 games you can play without leaving your house:

Easter egg Hunt

Good old Easter Egg Hunt is always a great fun. Hide plastic eggs around the house and look for it all together. Who finds the most – wins! You can fill them up with some smalls treats and sweets.

Egg Commands

Write down on a little piece of paper silly commands. For example, jump like a rabbit three times, name three Easter candies, show the dog etc. Fill up plastic eggs with the tasks and divide in two. Each team will be completing tasks one by one. The fastest team is the winner!

Collect Jelly Beans

Fill up a bowl with Jelly Beans. Each player has a little cup and a spoon. Players are filling up the cup with Jelly Beans but they are doing it with a spoon in their mouth! Who will manage the task first?

Easter Bingo

Create an Easter bingo card! Cut out the images and place them in a basket. Kids should collect all of the images in their bingo card. They can use Jelly Beans as bingo markers. Let’s see who will score BINGO!

Blind Taste Test

Collect different Easter treats: chocolate, jellies, cookies and so on, and have a blind test. Try to guess which candy is in front of you with your eyes closed!

Have a Happy Easter with your loved ones at home! Stay healthy and take care!