5 Boyish Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Birthday party ideas for your son? Here are 5 ways to celebrate!

Little Scientist

This party idea is suitable for boys, who like to experiment! Guests can wear laboratory coats or goggles and get to experiments. Try some tricks, where you do not need any special equipment. Rocket bottles, for example. You drop Mentos into a litre of Cola and watch it explode! Try it outside only.

More experiments to try at home.

You can purchase scientist coat here or you can wear an old white shirt instead. Here is an option for goggles.

Slime can be a little party favour. You can purchase it here.


If your son likes spending time outside, camping or hiking, then this is a good deal for you! Invite guests and their parents for some relaxing weekend outside. Marshmallow roasting and songs around a campfire – what can be better than that?

Prepare a small candy present as a party favour.

Things to keep in mind when going camping during the warm weather:

  • Water
  • Suncream
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

You can find food ideas here.

Dinosaur Party

Most kids are obsessed with dinosaurs. We are sure he and his friends will enjoy a dinosaur themed party! You can decorate the house accordingly, have some dinosaur shaped candy and cupcakes. As an activity you may prepare dino dot-to-dot printouts.

Dinosaur quiz cards as a party favour? Also, check out these dinosaur party decoration inspo.

Dinosaur themed decorations can be found here.

Lego Party

Who does not like Lego? We are convinced that this is fun not only for kids but for adults as well! This party can be a teamwork on building something spectacular with Lego. Sweets and a birthday cake can be Lego-themed as well to make it even more fun. You may purchase lego ice tray and make lego chocolate or gummy out of it! Here is a healthy gummy recipe and a chocolate option as well.

Lego figures for guests can be a party favour which you can find at Lego Museum which is a shop as well. Since your kid is into lego, we recommend you check out the exhibition some time!

Star Wars

Star Wars is another thing that boys will most likely be crazy about. Let kids have fun dressing up like characters from the movie and organise some quiz on, who knows the story better. You can look for quiz ideas here. May the force be with you!

You may purchase Star Wars ornaments here and a costume here.

These Stormtroopers pins may be an option for a little party favour.

Important Note: The above mentioned party themes are not strictly connected to a certain gender. If you want to throw such a party to a girl, go for it!