4 Reasons why kids should pursue a hobby

Image Courtesy: ContonbroStudio/ Pexels

Hobbies are activities that a child may love to do as a child, continue to follow through adulthood and pursue it all through their lives. A hobby gives a sense of security and a space for self-expression for kids and adults alike.

Hobbies help kids focus
Usually a child has a long day at school with a lot of study and work. Not all subjects taught at school may always interest the child. When there’s a hobby, kids usually love it. It’s something they like and enjoy and have chosen to do. And this focus on a hobby instills a deep sense of responsibility towards what is being pursued. It energizes the child and helps him cope with the rigors of daily school life.

Hobbies help to relieve stress
Just like adults, kids too have certain tough times during the day. They have to work really hard to stay wired at school to behave and carry themselves well. And when they get out of school, they love to drop their guard with their loved ones. An after-school-tired-child can throw tantrums, or just be stubborn, or misbehave a lot. This is normal and can easily be coped with by pursuing some activity that they like to do. So, the hobby actually channelizes the pent-up energy of the child on another activity where they can let their guard down. For instance, drawing when upset is very useful. They may scribble angrily on paper, but this is safer than them running berserk on the street!

Hobbies help kids make friends
Hobbies are usually enjoyed by like-minded people and this applies to kids too. When a child finds another child interested in the same activity as her, she begins to not just enjoy the hobby but also the company of the other child. They may compare their work, share ideas and help each other. All of this builds great social and communication skills among children. Simultaneously they also get introduced to healthy competition in a healthy and subtle manner. In short, they learn to appreciate others, while improving themselves and trying to get better at an activity they love!

Hobbies help to build an identity
Usually a hobby is an activity that is an expression of a person and this goes for kids too. It’s something that a child has chosen of his own accord. And this self-made decision stimulates an excitement in them to enjoy and do well in it. Children are usually quite passionate about their hobbies especially if they have chosen it themselves. This decision making allows them to grow in the hobby and stick to it. Further, they are also fully responsible for it as no other person in the house is following their hobby. Its theirs and theirs alone. All of it eventually creates a great character and identity for a child.