21st Prague Dragon Boat Festival, 2018

When: Saturday May 12 to Sunday May 13, 2018
Where: Prague, Žluté lázně
Other Details: The oldest Dragon Boat race opens with the 21st year of the third decade of dragon boating in the Czech Republic! The area of Žluté lázně is fully available and open to the public – entrance fee is 50 CZK until 17:00 hours.
The Rotary Dragon Boat Charity Challenge is fast becoming the premier charity event of Prague Spring. It’s an event that combines Team-building, Corporate social responsibility, live entertainment and family fun in one great programme. The sight of teams of highly motivated paddlers going all out for the finish line makes an exciting spectacle that draws big crowds. This event is about raising money for local charities that do invaluable work in supporting and helping those in need.

More info: www.dragonboat.cz