Trnkova Garden 2

When: April 15, 2018 to Sept 2, 2018. 10:00 – 18:00 hours
Where: Bohdanečská 259/1, Praha 9, 190 17
Other Details: The Museum of the City of Prague opens a new exhibition Trnkova Garden 2 in the Ctěnice Castle Complex. This is an interactive exhibition based on the fairytale book by Jiří Trnka Garden. It introduces visitors to the forgotten garden of other times full of mysterious corners and unusual props. The installation is spread over six rooms that accentuate the dramatic characters and storylines of the book. Each of the exhibition rooms has its own unique atmosphere where the emphasis is placed on interactivity, action with a lot of animation and audiovisual effects. Playing elements are also installed in the exterior. The authors of the exhibition respect the author of the book but at the same time they think and use the modern technologies to develop the story of the main actors.
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