Tips To Prevent Child Injuries

A very wise person passed on his take about being a parent to me: Having a kid is like letting your heart run around outside of your body.**And your little heart is controlled for a number of years by a toddler with no sense of self preservation, and just as often, a daredevil stunt kid.

So, to save your heart and your little one from some of the dangers in this world, let’s look at the most common injuries suffered by kids up to 6.

The Most Common Problems

1) Put safety plugs in all electrical outlets. Just do it. Little fingers find little electric slots. I did it when I was a kid.
2) Adjust the hot water temperature to 52°C.
3) Don’t drink hot beverages while holding or carrying your little one.
4) In the kitchen, don’t carry or move anything hot when kids are near. (e.g. Hot water pot, a boiling pot getting moved from the stove).
5) In the kitchen, turn the handles of pots to the back of the stove. Little hands like to grab handles.

1) Keep sharp objects (safety pins, knives, and scissors) out of reach and secure.
2) Don’t leave kiddo in a room where there are decorative objects, vases, or table lamps that could come tumbling down.
3) Don’t let your child carry glass or anything breakable.
4) Watch out where you leave your colorful ceramic knives. The pretty colors can tempt your little one to grab them. (happened to me…)

Falls (wipeouts)
1) Always use a safety strap for high chairs and booster seats.
2) Make sure you have safety gates on the stairs.
3) Don’t leave your child alone on a tabletop or change table, don’t get distracted.
4) Don’t let your kid climb on furniture, like the low coffee table.
-5) Secure tall book cases and anything else that might tip, directly to the wall.

Water related injuries
1) Empty water buckets immediately after use.
-2) Do not leave your child alone when they’re in the bathtub (Don’t get distracted, don’t text.)
3) Never get distracted around a pool or swimming area. Keep your little one in sight at all times.
4)Don’t let your child get in or out of the bathtub by themselves.

Choking hazards
1)Don’t let them walk around while eating, especially a lollipop or the like.
2)Watch out for toys with small parts, as they can be choked on, or shoved in noses.
3)Store all plastic bags in a secure place.
4)Keep cords to the window blinds or shades out of your child’s reach.


1)Store medications out of kid’s reach and in a secure place.
2) Store cleaners in places that they cannot access.
3) Watch out for plants, they can be poisonous! List here

Other practical tips:
1) NEVER drive with your child in the front seat. Air Bags can kill. Put them in an approved car seat in the back.
2) Secure doors and drawers with baby guards.
3) Wrap sharp corners in your living space with corner protectors.
4) When putting a child to sleep, remember ABC:
-On their back
-In a crib.
5) Also, watch out for stuffed animals that can tangle and bind
6) Aspirin should never be given to a child when they have a fever or other symptoms of a viral illness, such as flu or chicken pox. (Reyes Syndrome)

This is only a small list, but from research and personal experience, I tried to cover the most common and most easily corrected injury risks.

Do YOU have a tip to add here? Please share any and all secrets you know to make this list longer. Write in at

**“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
Elizabeth Stone