High level threat of ticks in Czech Republic this season!

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute has appropriated the maximum ‘level 10 threat’ to the attack of ticks this year.

The intensification of activity of these arachnids is associated with hot weather and rains over the country. Specialists note that ticks are increasingly appearing in unusual places – urban parks, gardens and even on sports grounds.

At the tenth level of danger, it is strictly not advisable to walk on the grass or wade through shrubs. In nature, you should move only along the paved paths. While walking in the deciduous or mixed forest, it is advised to wear full sleeved shirts with full-length trousers. It is also necessary to use repellent, and upon returning home thoroughly check the body. It is recommended to wear light-coloured clothes – it is easier to notice the tick on it.

Ticks are carriers of dangerous human infectious diseases like – tick-borne encephalitis, which can be protected by vaccination and Lyme disease, against which the vaccine does not exist.

Despite the high effectiveness of the vaccine against the first disease, only one in five of the Czech republic’s residents vaccinate against it. In many ways, for this reason, the Czech Republic has long been leading the EU in the number of patients with tick-borne encephalitis.