Strollering – the sport for new moms!

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Did you know that there is a sport out there exclusively dedicated to new moms?

Strollering is a useful and interesting activity, one which will both urge new moms to stay active and healthy, and will also allow you to spend quality time with other new mothers. Strollering is a type of workout is a place, where you can bring your new born and safely exercise together.

The best thing is that there are so many ways in which you can practice this! There is pilates strollering, dance strollering, skate strollering and more. The different exercises aim at focusing on different body parts and exercising in a way which is not too strenuous on your body. You can exercise your abdominal, leg or other muscles, and quickly get back into shape with the support of other moms and trainers!

You can ‘stroller’ in many cities in the Czech Republic. Prague is one of them. The strollering team organizes different activities, such as training sessions, lectures, races and challenges, which you can follow on their website or Facebook page.

Make sure to sign up to their 4 weeks fitness challenge, following the link. In addition, you can follow up on their exercises on their YouTube page, following this link.

In Prague, training sessions usually take place in Stromovka Park in Prague 7.

For more information, please, e-mail: or call: +420 725 310 005.