Easy Snack Ideas for a Perfect Picnic

What can be more exciting than having a wonderful time with the whole family in the fresh air? A Picnic is one of the easiest ways to step out of everyday routine for having fun with children. Once a venue is decided the next most important thing is the food in the picnic basket. To simplify the preparation of your snacks list, here are easy and uncommon recipe ideas to enjoy delicious food.

  • Grilled Chicken Salad – is a warm salad that includes useful vegetables and ingredients that can be cooked only in 20 minutes. Even kids who are reluctant to eat greens will like it and what more, it enriches their diet with healthy vitamins. For the recipe, check the following link.
  • Pizza Flavoured Piggy Buns are the striking examples of uniquely prepared snacks which can take more time than you planned; however, it will meet all your expectations. Moreover, you can involve your toddlers in the cooking process so you will be pleasantly surprised with the result together. For the recipe check out the source website.
  • Mini Taco Hand Pies are an unusual and affordable recipe of snacks for picnics which can be made approximately in 30 minutes. It requires only three main ingredients, such as cheese, beans, and beef. To get the recipe, click here.
  • Olive Penguins made of black olives, carrots, and mozzarella balls are the unique combination of funny-looking, easily preparing, and healthy snacks which hardly leave any child indifferent. To get the recipe, check out the source website.
  • Cheese Mouse on a Cracker is the easiest picnic snack that requires only your imagination to create. You simply need crackers, sesame seeds, cheese cut in triangles, thinly sliced salami, and 5 minutes to get those cute and delicious snacks ready for your picnic basket. For more details, click here.
  • Broccoli and Cheese Frittata Fingers is another easy-to-make recipe for picnics, trips, or kids’ parties. It includes diverse beneficial ingredients which are healthy. Source

Do you have an interesting recipe for a picnic snack? Do share it with us at contributors@littlepanda.cz. We’d love to publish it!