Rookie YouTubers Summer Day Camp

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When: July 1-5, July 8-12, 8:45- 17:15 hours
Where: Gymnázium DUHOVKA, Ortenovo náměstí 34, Praha 7, 170 00

Details: Nowadays most children spend so much time playing and learning on computers, that often they are better with technology than their seniors. Whether they use social media for educational purposes or just for fun, learning some tech skills will inevitably come in handy for them.

The Rookie YouTubers summer day camp organized by is one amazing opportunity for kids to further develop their skills. The camp is for children between 10 – 17 years of age. Having an experience in filmmaking is not a necessity. The camp is led by Ivona Popchevska, who is a filmmaker, video editor, director and an actress.

During the camp, children will learn the basics of filmmaking, how to work with camera, social media basics, online safety and editing techniques. They will also have a filming day, when they will make their own short documentary.

Admission fee:
4250 CZK per child per week (5% discount for siblings and friends)

Please, note that lunch is not included, and that camp capacity is limited, so make sure you sign up well in advance.


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