Ratha-Yatra – Indian Car Festival


When: July 15, 2018
Where: Náměstí Republiky, Praha 1 – Staré Město / Nové Město, 110 00
Other Details: If you have ever seen a Bollywood movie, then you will know how grandly and solemnly Indian people celebrate diverse holidays and festivals. Everyone gets a feeling of being involved when they witness Indian people’s merriment which includes color, uniquely embroidered clothes – Sari, and traditional dances. Nevertheless, in order to fully understand the background of a certain festival and feel the atmosphere of the celebration, it is better to attend an event.

For those interested in experiencing a celebration in Indian style, there is a perfect opportunity to implement it by participating at Ratha – Yatra festival on July 15. The origin of the Indian car festival started five thousand years ago in Purí (Indian city) which over the years has been celebrating in different parts of the world, such as Mumbai, Paris, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Oslo, London, Madrid, Sydney, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico, Prague and many other cities. The purpose of the Ratha – Yatra festival lies in the remainder of the deities path in the temple and the unity of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, race, ethnicity and social statuses. The program includes the presence of splendidly decorated car which can be driven by both the festival participants and any passers through the Prague alleyways. Furthermore, the visitors can learn more about Indian culture by discovering its characteristic features; particularly, swirling drums, exotic species, various colored Sari and Indian music. Summarily, by participating and being a part of such a cultural event you can acquire a lot of positive emotions and memories.
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