Pražská Tržnice

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This is one of the first places that I recommend when people ask me where to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. But shopping for wonderful food is not the only thing happening at the ‘Prague Market’.

A bit of history:
The Prague Market was built in the 1890s and was first used as the Royal slaughterhouse. Somewhere around 1983 it was converted to a small marketplace and has evolved over the years to it’s current diverse mix of small stalls, proper stores, food markets, restaurants, clubs, and more. The area is protected, and so it looks like it will retain it’s look and charm for many years to come.

So what’s in here? It’s a melting pot of a bit of everything. Just have a look a the map.

It’s got everything from simple stalls selling everything from high end sports gear to goofy little nick knacks to a trend setting restaurant and concert venue ( to a video game museum ( and even an experimental theater space ( and so much more.

But the most important thing for me are the small outdoor stalls and Hall 22, the Pražská Tržnice Food Market.

The Food Market in Hall 22
Just walking in to this place is a breath of fresh air for me. The fact I can find this right in the city is even more satisfying. Here is a link to a map of Hall 22

SyrPrazskaTrzniceThe first place I go: Holandský kluk (The Holland Brothers) cheese stand. It’s to your right as you enter from the market side. The farmer’s cheese is spectacular. Also try the basil and lavender cheeses as well!

Down the aisle on left and right, I hit all the fruit and vegetable stands finding all the things I need and all the yummy things I want too! (Fresh thyme anyone?)…

Towards the back, I get my coffee, fresh eggs and flowers for the table. Walking back up the next aisle are bakers, specialty stalls with fresh milk and treats, Hungarian sausages, Fresh milk and sweets, fresh fish, and finally, the best spot for a Saturday afternoon treat: Hiroto Nasu’s fresh sushi at Stand 44. Home made and prepared with fresh wasabi and soy.

And during the Christmas season, you’ll find wreaths and themed stalls as well.

I love this place!

The Outside Stalls:
The little stalls are just what they seem. Small shops where merchants sell all sorts of things. The stalls are diverse including drogeries, an eye glass place, an outdoor clothing stall, and more. Most offer better prices than anywhere you can find in town. Needs Prague themed presents for anyone back home? Try the clothing stalls for hats, t-shirts and more.

You’ll find quite a few places for coffee, snacks and food too.

I hope you’ll make the trip to the Pražská tržnice either by car (1 hour free parking) or by our great transport system (1, 2, 12, 14, 25, 26 to Pražská tržnice stop).

If you think your farmer’s market is better or has something unique to feature, tell me where it is, I’ll go for a visit and write about it in a future post!