Pottery Cafe Vypálené Koťátko


Probably every parent has wanted to visit a place where they can have fun with kids, without worrying and being anxious about how their children will behave there. And a pottery cafe is definitely not on their list. But here’s a chance to blend creativity and kids. 

The unique pottery cafe called “Vypálené Koťátko” or literally translated as “Burnt kitten”; offers entertainment to both adults and children. Parents and kids can be occupied creatively together – i.e. coming up with whatever decorations you like and put it on diverse bowls, mugs, plates; simultaneously,  have fun during the time when those uniquely decorated pieces of equipment turn to pottery art.

The cafe also has a play area for toddlers and babies. Making things with your own hands builds the bond better between parents and children. It is a great place to develop a new skill both for parents and children and have fun together.

How to get there?
Mařákova 5, Prague 6, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice
Metro station: Hradčanská (Subway A)
More info: Check out the source website.

Additional information:
Studio fee: 1 painter 100 CZK, 2 painters 150 CZK, Every other painter 50 CZK
Family Studio Fee (2 Adults + Children) 200 CZK
Do not forget the loyalty card – every sixth painting is FREE !

No more worries concerning the things that can be broken… The only thing you and your little helpers need is creativity. So check it out!

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