New Year’s Day Fireworks

When: January 1, 2019 at 18:00 hours
Where: The fireworks will be launched from Letna Park (Letenské sady)
Other Details: 2019 marks 25 years of Czech Republic and the new year will welcome the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia.
The fireworks will begin at 18:00 hours and last for 11 minutes. This is an especially popular programme for families with children. The best location to view the fireworks display is the old town or the city centre bridges: Czech Bridge (Čechuv most), Manes Bridge (Mánesuv most) or Charles Bridge (Karluv most). Alternatively, head for the high ground: go to Letna Park, Prague Castle or Petrin Hill.

The centrepiece of the Prague New Year’s fireworks will be freedom and the Velvet Revolution. The display will have five representations, each showing one stage of the journey to freedom in 1989. The first pyrotechnic will be launched on January 1 at 18:00 from Letenské sady in metronome space. The fireworks will take place for 11 minutes. The City of Prague will pay 1.7 million crowns for the fireworks.

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