Learn discipline and self- defense

Photo Courtesy: kravmagaprague.cz

Has your child ever considered training martial arts?

Martial Arts Academy

When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 17:00-17:30 hours (4-6 years old), 17:30-18:15 (ages 7 and up)
Korunovační 6, 170 00, Praha 7
Age group: 4+ years old

Martial arts are a great way to install in kids self-esteem, discipline and respect. They improve their physical abilities and are also a way of self-protection if needed. Learning a martial art is not an easy job. It requires determination. But at the same time you do not need any previous experience to start. In case you are not sure your child will like it, you can also book a free introductory class and see how it goes!

Basic membership: 1500 CZK per month (2 training sessions per week)
Equipment: 1700 CZK (uniform, hand protection (gloves), and foot protection)


Krav Maga Prague

When: multiple days, depending on the age group
Where: Na Pankraci 32, 140 00 Prague 4
Age group: 5-18 years old

Did you know that the Israel defence and security forces were the one who developed Krav Maga as a military self-defence technique? Krav Maga is a combination of such martial arts as boxing and judo. Sounds difficult? Well, it is certainly not a game, but anyone can learn! Just like other martial arts, it is a great a way of self-defence and will teach kids resilience, and determination.

For more information, please call +420 773 140 566 or e-mail: MIKE@KRAVMAGAPRAGUE.CZ


Shin Karate

When: multiple days, depending on the age group
Where: Nad Alejí 1952/5 , 162 00 Praha 6
Age group: 7+ years old

The academy offers a variety of courses for students no matter of their age or experience. They have beginner and advance courses. Whenever they do combat training, helmet is used at all times. The classes are overlooked by professionals so do not worry about your child’s safely! In addition, you can claim a free first lesson for your kid, in case you are not sure this is the right sport for them.

2400 CZK – 3500 CZK per semester (September – January and February – June). Price depends on the age and level of the student.

For more information on prices and times of lessons, please, follow the link .

Alternatively, call Tatsuya SAEKI at +420 733 349 693 or e-mail: info@shinkarate-czech.com