Managing Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

It is indeed hard to find a child willing to exchange a candy or cake for a bowl of cereal. Most children have a sweet tooth. And kids do need carbohydrates to grow! But the overindulgence in sweets at an early age can lead to diseases in internal organs at a later stage. When kids consume too much sugar it fills up their belly without any nutrients. Further, it also affects the condition of teeth in children. So how do you cater to your child’s sweet tooth without restricting the nutrient intake? Well here are some easy options.
1) Remember to offer the child ‘useful sweets’ like dried fruits when they want candy. They are a storehouse of vitamins for kids.
2) Fresh slices of apricots, apples an pears can be quite sweet to satisfy your child’s craving as well!
3) Fresh smoothies can easily replace sweetened drinks for a child.
4) Replace ice-cream with frozen yogurt and add some fresh fruit, berries or applesauce while serving
5) Homemade fruit compote is better than store bought jam, to go on toasts.
6) Sliced bananas with a handful of raisins is a great dessert after a meal.
7) Children will ask for juice at a birthday party. Don’t say no, just mix water with the drink to make it less sugary.
Well, after all this, it’s always best to brush the child’s teeth after a meal!

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