LP Recommends: 5 Tips to Wean Your Child off the Tablet!

I think that modern parents will agree with me, that our children are spending too much time on their tablets and we have to teach them how to use their time efficiently.
I fully realized the problem only when my child was totally absorbed in his iPad! He was spending practically 24 hours on the screen! No outdoor activities, red vampire eyes and total mess in his room… I followed these 5 Tips to reduce his online activity, bringing him back to real life.
Tip # 1. Do some research
Carry out a small “secret” research, trying to understand, what your child prefers to do online. Maybe he is playing games, or chatting with friends, or probably he is making his own blog? Now the internet and technologies give us a wide range of opportunities, which we have to learn to use smartly.
Tip #2. Find a “cure”
When you realize the main purpose behind your child spending a lot of time online, you can get ready to work with the addiction. In our case, the problem was video games… A tough challenge, I know. We promised to get our boy’s computer updated, only if he will behave well and follow the family activities. Also, I proposed him to bring his friends so they can play together. This helped me to start testing different methods.
Tips #3. Share interests
Yes, exactly that. Get to know your child favourite hero, and create similar activities. Show that you care. Visit video-games exhibitions, discuss these events with your kid, find out his attitude. When our children like something, even video games, we should pay attention to that and develop their hobbies. If your kid likes to play football video games, find a real football club for him. Start doing sports with your child as well, to set an example.
Tip #4. Fix “tablet free time”
Of course, this time depends on your family routine. We prefer to have no gadgets during our meal time. We discuss news and make plans. Also, we have family activities on weekends, when we don’t use phones. Pay attention, that your kid has to follow these rules as well.
Tip #5. Prep for bedtime
It is very important to set and follow the sleeping time for your child, as good sleep helps us remain healthy and energetic. Keep an eye that your child is not using the phone or tablet before sleeping or during the night.
Basically, these short 5 tips helped me to get to know my boy better. Now he uses his tablet frugally and spends more time in sports activities. We are working hard to make our child’s life diverse. I think the most important thing is to show that you care.