Learn how to swim from day one!

Photo Courtesy: maternity-care.cz

A swimming course for moms with new born babies – in the comfort of your home!

Maternity Care is a group of wonderful instructors who organize swimming lessons for children in different age groups – from new born babies to kids in nursery and primary schools.

0-6 months

If you are a new mom and you want to teach your baby to be comfortable with water from the beginning, Maternity care instructors will come to your home and teach you everything you need to know – from bathing and massages, to actual swimming! This specific course is for babies up until 6 months of age.

Admission fee: prices are tailored to your requirements

6 months – 4 years old

When: every Tuesday September 3-December 17
Where:  Hotel Valnovka, Benešovská 102, Kamenice – Ládví

This course for infants and toddlers will continue kids experience with swimming – the classes are divided by age group and levels of experience. After the classes, you can also take advantage of the healthy sauna program! The lessons take place in the afternoons, 16 lessons overall.

Admission fee: 5280 CZK

For more information, please, contact  radka.vojtiskova@maternity-care.cz or call +420 775 41 41 70 .