Instilling Discipline By Learning Music

Most kids show interest in music, And Parents are equally excited to know this and usually enrol them in some form of music classes – either instrumental or vocal. But, often times children pick up an instrument but give it up over time. Sometimes the lack of time for learning music is taken up by a sport or busy parents not able to fit in a drive to a music lesson to drop the child. But before weaning out music from a child’s growing up years, have you considered what benefits music offers to him or her?
Here are a few listed:
Managing time: When a child sets aside time for practising music on a regular basis, it teaches the child to fit in one more activity into his schedule.
Trying to be better: To achieve the goal of playing a particular piece of music to perfection, the child tries each day. This instils the ‘never give up’ attitude in children and also teaches them to aim for excellence.
Developing dedication: Regular practice for 30 minutes, develops a long-lasting relationship with music, thus creating a sense of dedication and passion for activities.
Maintaining patience: As the level progresses, music demands, more time and effort. With advancement in skills, music also gradually introduces its’ various complexities. For instance, children are able to combine melody, rhythm, maintain tempo and pitch, while adding dynamics and expression to a piece, all at the same time. It is a beautiful challenge to some but can become a disappointing hurdle to others. Children learn to manage through these complexities by building on their patience.
Focus: One of the greatest benefits of playing music is being able to achieve a different mental and emotional realm during play. This requires concentration and focus. And a child develops these skills easily when learning an instrument.
Learning an instrument or singing is a good way to practice discipline, time management, patience. This attitude can then be applied naturally to how we approach other aspects of our lives, such as academic studies or a career. In this way, playing music or singling is a wonderful and beneficial activity for both children and adults.
This article is written by Yugeetha Ramasamy, music and piano teacher, Bohemian International School of Music.