Inline Skating for Kids

Inline Skating is a great sport- one which can be practised for fun, taken as a workout or even done professionally. Here is where in Prague you can sign up for in- line skating classes and learn!

HEPA Outdoor Fitness

Photo Courtesy: HEPA outdoor fitness

HEPA lessons are a great way for your little one to start learning as they offer private lessons of 1- 6 people, ensuring that special attention is paid to everybody. Kids will learn various beginner techniques and at the end will be able to skate, stop safely, rotate, avoid obstacles and more!

When: various dates
Where: Prague 3, 8, 10, 11. More details here
1 person: 1 hour /5 lessons for 400 CZK / 1.500 CZK
2- 3 people: 1 hour / 5 lessons for 300 CZK / 1.250 CZK
4- 6 people: 1 hour / 5 lessons for 250 CZK / 1.000 CZK

In- line Aerobics

Photo Courtesy: In- line Aerobics

In- line Aerobics offer courses and organise in- line skating events for children, adults, beginners and advanced skaters alike. Their courses take place irregularly so make sure you follow their social media or regularly visit their website for updates. The courses are in the form of games.

When: various dates
Praha 8 – Ládví – multipurpose playground 
Prices vary on type of course & age, however generally:1000 CZK, for 8 one- hour lessons
Recommended age: 6+

See also their most recent dates for parents- children in- line skating courses and the Skating course application for children.

Inline Skola

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Inline Skola is yet another place where you can learn both the basics and the advanced tricks of inline skating. They offer a variety of courses, some are one time- intensive courses (2- 3 hours per session), some are shorter (1 hours per session) but take place regularly. Follow the link for detailed information about the various courses.


When: Thursday- Sundays, depending on level of experience
Where: Letna, Stromovka Park, Poděbrady, etc.
Price: Pricelist

In addition, Inline Skola offers a  FREE 3- hour inline skating course in collaboration with Inline Centrum- a shop for sports goods. All you have to do is be a customer of the shop. Once you make your first purchase (e.g. your kid’s first pair of inline skates), you can sign up for your free class!

Please note that usually kids must bring their own equipment to classes: in- line skates, pads, helmet and comfortable clothing. Here you can find an overview of the different types of inline skates as well as a list of shops in Prague where you can both rent and buy them: