Get Artsy this School Year!

Art is always a great way for kids to express themselves. Painting, ceramics, sculptures, drawing or any form of art develops a child’s imagination. 

For parents, art is the easiest way to keep a child busy or productive. I always make sure to have a bunch of colours and papers handy, just in case, my little one wants to get busy. And here’s a list of places in Prague, from where I like to pick my art supplies. 

Manekin Art supplies

Where: Korunní 1440/60, 120 00 Vinohrady
Monday- Friday, 10:00-18:00 hours

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Manekin store is a good place to pick unique art supplies. Apart from the usual pencils, crayons, watercolour and oil paints, they offer specialized supplies. You can  buy tools for:

  • graphic art
  • calligraphy
  • ceramics
  • painting on porcelain, textile, silk and glass
  • work with wood and clay

Contact: +420 222 522 929, e-mail: or visit their website.

Papirovy Obchod

Where: various locations in Prague: more information here
Open: Mon- Fri: 8:00- 18:00 hours

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Details: Papirovy Obchod, or Paper Shop, is a great place is a store where you can find almost anything you need when it comes to painting, drawing, modelling, ceramics and paints for textile, face and more. They also offer materials for artistic endeavours like napkin technology, films, scrapbooking, decorative tapes and stamps, etc. There are pre-made packages for school children, which you can find on the following link, as well as special step-by-step creative tutorials, which can be found here.

For more information, call +420 608 065 227 or e-mail:

I-creative and Vytvarka pro deti

The first step to creating is, having the right materials. But what we are going to create is equally important. There are so many ways and techniques and they all appear so difficult to the inexperienced artist. Here is where I-creative and Vytvarka pro deti step in.

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I- creative is a website where you can find creative ideas about creating different types of art, as well as tutorials, for those of us who are new to the world of art. Similarly, Vytvarka pro deti is a wonderful find for both children and their parents. The website contains countless step-by-step guides to doing art through different techniques. Want to make avant-garde bottles, create easy puppets, oriental carpets or draw patterned animals?  There are so many possibilities! You can draw ideas from many styles of work such as cubism, glass work, clay, ordinary painting and everything in between!

Check out their websites: I-creativeVytvarka pro deti