Five things your child should memorize

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Here are five simple things that every child should know, so that they can manage themselves in difficult situations.

Parent’s names
Help your child learn your full names. This one does take a bit of an effort but it’s worth it in times of trouble. Knowing the parents’ names is useful for the child in case they are lost or if something happens to you (the parent) and you’re out-of-action.
Home Address
Make sure your child knows where he lives. This is useful in case he gets separated or lost in a crowd. When asked by someone, he is able to tell where he lives.
Parent’s telephone number
It’s important that the child knows at least one parent’s telephone number. Let’s suppose your child falls down on the way back from school and is picked up by someone. If he is able to remember his mommy’s telephone number, it’s the quickest way to get through to you!
Emergency telephone number
Tell your child what 112 is, and when they should call 112. These days everyone has a cellphone and most phones can dial the emergency number in Europe even if they are locked. Explain to your child how to dial the emergency number in case something were to happen to you.
Allergy information
Teach your child to tell if someone (either themselves or someone in the family) has any allergies. This is helpful when parents are incapacitated or not available immediately.