Dyzajn Market – Autumn 2023

Courtesy: http://www.dyzajnmarket.com/

When: October 28 – 29, 2023
Where: Výstaviště Praha, Holešovice
Other Details:

The largest and most visited weekend event in the Czech Republic, where you can not only see the author’s work and design, but also buy it. It is a selective sales exhibition, where you can also meet and drink at renowned street food stalls.

Dyzajn market is held several times a year at the Exhibition Center in Prague Holešovice or at the Piazzetta of the National Theatre. Entry is free and barrier-free.

It is a great exhibition offering to get familiar with the collection of exceptional works made by 200 designers from different places. For instance, there will be designers and creators from Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Moravia, and Bohemia which create the possibility to discern the cultural characteristics and individual features in the works. The works themselves can be divided into categories, such as art objects, jewelry, backpacks and bags, accessories, fashion toys, ceramics, office supplies and even delicious food and drinks. Besides all these interesting bagatelles you will have an opportunity to interact with designers from different backgrounds and ask them regarding the inspiration that encourages them to create. It means that it is not just about selling and purchasing goods, but also about sharing cultural exchange. In addition, there is a further privilege in the form of a play zone for your children where they can have fun while you can shop at selling the exhibition. In general, by visiting the selling exhibition you will have a superb opportunity to diversify your shopping habits by purchasing unique items and have fun by communicating with various talented people.

You can browse and buy original jewelry, clothing, accessories, handbags, backpacks, porcelain, decorations, toys or stationery. You can also come and enjoy selected coffee, sweet and salty treats, drinks and proper meals for carnivores and vegans.

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