Bohemian Switzerland National Park and Elbe Canyon

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If you like hiking, or simply being outside in the nature, a trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park is a great option for that!

Compared to the close by European Alps, the hills of Bohemian Switzerland National Park are much lower, which makes a trip to the park a fun and easy family-friendly experience, especially if you are a hiking newbie. Filled with numerous breath-taking views, the Bohemian Switzerland is the youngest national park in the Czech Republic, and yet it offers so much. The Tisa sandstone labyrinth, small waterfalls, beautiful forests. Various rock formations and  the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe – Pravčická brána. You can take short boat trips along the gorges of the Kamenice river that goes across the park. While you are there, you can also visit the infamous canyon of the Elbe River.

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While you can see a lot of the park in one day, a two-day trip would be even better! It would allow you to have the time to enjoy all picturesque views, as well as take the necessary time for hiking. Here are some hotels/inns, which are nearby the park: Zámeček Hotel, Wooden Shoe Inn, The Linden Hotel, Rainwiese HotelU Marešů.

How to get there:
By car: go directly via Route 62, or first go onto Route E55 and then onto Route 62. Route 62 is currently the better option due to increased traffic along Route E55.
There is a parking lot in the park.