August Summer Program

When: August 5–30, 8:00–17:00 hours
Where: Nad Tejnkou 391/10, Praha 6 Břevnov, 169 00

Details: This summer, a program organized by BASIS Beginners Prague, an international preschool, will take place over the course of four weeks and will include a range of entertaining activities. The program is completely in English and is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. Here is an overview of what the program has to offer:

Week 1 (August 5–9): Dinosaurs
Where kids will learn about the life and habits of dinosaurs and will play different games related to them. A museum visit is also planned.

Week 2 (August 12–16): Forest & Its Magic
Where kids will learn all about the forest fauna and flora and will explore the life if magical creatures which could be found in the forests (fairies, witches, dwarfs and more). In addition, there will be songs, stories, arts, crafts and games and a planned visit to the park Hvězda.

Week 3 (August 19–23): All Kinds of Art
Where kids will be able to explore a variety of crafts, music, dance and drama, will visit shows, concerts or exhibitions, and will prepare a little play for parents.

Week 4 (August 26–30): Science
Where kids will conduct experiments and learn about important discoveries. There will be books, videos, games and a lot of science!

For registration, please fill in Summer Program Application Form for BASIS students or Summer Program Application Package for everyone else

Admission fee:
1500 CZK/ per week (full day) or 1500 CZK/ per week (half day) for BASIS students
3900 CZK/per week (full day) or 2500CZK/ per week (half day) for everyone else


Little Panda suggests that you call and check before visiting/ participating in any activity/ event/ place of interest. We are not responsible for any changes in the program as this discretion rests with the organizer.