Art through Recycling: The Hidden Giants of Denmark!

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There are many ways to create, reuse or recycle. But this idea goes to another level if it is combined with the idea to encourage people to spend time in nature. Tomas Dambo’s hidden giants in Denmark make sure you and your kids have a great time in the woods!

 Why is Recycling Important?
In Czech Republic alone, in 2018 only: “29 km 2 of nature was saved thanks to recycling and reusing 71% of the total production of packaging materials!” (source).
It is well known that the lack of waste recycling is a huge issue worldwide. Tomas Dambo realised that if people don’t get involved in recycled projects and don’t enjoy spending time in nature, this gap can never be filled.

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So, a few years ago, he and his team use recycled materials to create various forms of art! This project is now transforming the way people approach art.
Tomas and his team built giants from recycled materials and hid them all over the woods.

Tomas’s team created a sort of treasure hunt. By following special instructions, participants in the game explore lesser-known spots in Danish nature until they find the hidden giants.

Initially starting in Denmark, the project now spread to other countries. Now, you can enjoy some family fun in nature by participating in the giant-hide-and-seek.
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There are many ways in which you can get involved in recycling. Here is the full list of all recycling art projects by Thomas’ team. Make sure to specifically check out their workshops, which, whether you attend in person or master over the internet, can help you learn how to contribute to dealing with waste management issues, by creating art! Here is an example.