Sunday Creative Workshop – Pictures from History

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When: June 16, 16:00- 17:00 hours
Where: Villa Pellé, Pelléova 10, Prague 6

Details: Imagine you could meet any historical figure and important personality today and ask them any question that pops up in your mind? What did they think in a specific moment of historical importance? How did they imagine an event would turn out to be? What were their feelings, personalities, fears or admirations? When we look at pictures of different events, we can somehow imagine a situations and take a guess.

Thus, the Porte Association, an association for cultural activities, art related workshops and exhibitions for seniors and youth alike, has prepared a wonderful workshop, which will explore the topic mentioned above. During the event, children will be encouraged to think about history and use their imagination to help create a comics based on a fictional meeting between them and a certain historical figure.

The event is suitable for children between 6 and 15 years old, accompanied by their parents.

Language of the event: Czech

Admission fee: 
Children: 120 CZK
Adults: 60 CZK


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